Lead Like Ted

By Cory Weaver, vice president, chapter engagement If you’re reading this, I feel fairly confident making two assumptions about you: You influence communications in some shape or form wherever you work You’ve at least heard of Ted Lasso, the hit show from Apple TV How did I do – 1 for 2? 2 for 2? […]

Peer mentoring from a distance

When you hear the word mentoring, it’s easy to conjure up the conventional arrangement: the fresh-faced rookie partnered with the seasoned pro. But what happens when it’s not business as usual? How does a peer-to-peer mentoring match work? In today’s column, we hear from senior communications professionals Tammy Nienaber and Polly Filing who were partnered […]

The Power of Words (+ Strategy) and Those Who Know How to Wield Them

By: Camie Melton Hanily, IABC-MN President Our heroes today are health care workers, delivery drivers and grocery store employees. Many have made remarkable sacrifices to care for our communities during this COVID-19 pandemic, and we cannot thank them enough. I want to thank one other group of professionals who are stepping up to help: our […]

Hello, Communication Leader. Let’s talk.

Can I take a moment to talk with you—communicator to communicator? I know I speak for many of us when I say this past month has been a crazy, busy time. It’s clear we, communication professionals, have an important role to play in this historical moment. So many of us are working long hours to […]

How Artificial Intelligence Facilitates Automated Decision Making

By: Irene Connors, Blogger Tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) have great potential to help people improve their performance in the workplace and make a difference in the bottom line. For example, AI is used in everyday tools such as virtual assistants (Alexa and Siri), media streaming services and navigation applications. However, AI might not be […]

3 thought-starters for nonprofit communicators

Bridget Nelson Monroe, vice president at Bellmont Partners For communications professionals who work in nonprofits, it’s no surprise that there are unique challenges that come with the territory. Whether it’s a lack of financial resources or a lack of communications personnel on staff to help harness and share your organization’s story, it can be an […]

Invest in yourself by growing new connections

By: Carmen Ramson-Herzing, IABC-MN, mentorship director When Sue Otten asked our SW Masterminds group for volunteers to start a mentorship program, I was one of three members at the table to hesitantly raise a hand. While I loved the idea, I have a knack for over-extending myself with enthusiastic (but sometimes unrealistic) optimism for my […]

Welcome back from MEA weekend – refreshed or in need of another vacation

By: Ianthe Zabel, IABC Board, Secretary As a relative newcomer to Minnesota (four years and counting), I was at first surprised to learn about the mid-October break a mere month or so after the school year starts. But just as I learned about ice dams, how to cross country ski, and that Minnesota summers are […]

A Magical Voicemail…

By: Lisa-Marie Hanson (Facilitator and Speaker Coach) A long time ago – in a land far away, I conducted my first train-the-trainer session (okay, it was about ahem, 25 years ago). Everyone selected to be on the facilitation team didn’t come from training or facilitation backgrounds, but instead were subject matter experts with no real […]