The Most Valuable Brand You’ll Ever Work On

By: Rose McKinney, Founder & CEO, Pineapple RM Long before personal branding was recognized as a career necessity, I had a few experiences that prompted me to think about how I presented myself – in front of clients, in working with colleagues, in job searches, in performance reviews, in new business pitches. In everything, and […]

Resolve to Solve—even while on the beach?

By Camie Melton Hanily, president, IABC-MN I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution. I’m not opposed to them. I just don’t want to say I’m committing to something unless I’m really serious about it, and—at least for me—the busy holiday season is not the ideal time for self reflection and […]

Changing Views on Change

If you attended Convergence this year, you probably recall Victoria Dew’s closing keynote. She spoke passionately about the role communicators play in shepherding change within their organizations. Not in modest, incremental ways, but as bold agents who enthusiastically assume responsibilities in a new paradigm. Her message resonates now perhaps more than ever, as the pace […]

Get the dirt on building peer-like relationships with leaders

At the last IABC-MN event, Lars Leafblad discussed how a core set of values and learning mindset are far more important than a strategic plan for career growth. And now, Aaron Zaslofsky of Wheelhouse Communications, gives us an inside look on how to use those skills to build peer-like relationships with leaders – a need […]

How to reinvigorate your communications career – a Q&A with Lars Leafblad

We could all use a little help in building our careers – identifying what’s next. And few people know more about how to do just that than Lars Leafblad, Co-Founder and Principal at Ballinger | Leafblad, Inc. Lars will share his expertise on how to reinvigorate your communications career at IABC’s lunch event on April […]

SCMP certification was big – but not the most valuable piece to the puzzle

I studied for the SCMP examination to ensure that I have a bedrock foundation in communications strategy as I continue to learn new skills. My review of communications principles, the new IABC code of ethics, case studies and more, was as valuable as the certification itself as I continue to advise and work in the […]

May We Talk?

Words that almost no one likes to hear – may we talk? The associated feeling is one of inadequacy, misstep or fault. Cringe. But isn’t that what we ultimately crave most? To talk, to connect, to establish community and to ultimately build deeper relationships? It’s our role as communications, marketing and PR professionals to open […]

Why volleyball helped me become a SCMP

I love competition. In life. In business. And in sports. And as a veteran communication professional, it’s hard to leverage this competitive fire for generating more business or for helping others communicate their goals. One day at one my daughter’s volleyball matches, I was thinking, they train and train to get better. Then they have […]

Keynotes announced for 2019 Convergence Summit

The 2019 Covergence Summit (cosponsored by IABC Minnesota and the Minnesota Journalism Center at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota) takes place Thursday, March 28, 2019. Get special pricing for the Convergence Summit by registering now (Member $229, Nonmember $299). Special pricing ends February 28 so hurry and register! Nonmembers can take advantage […]

GCCC exams return in March

Did you miss the opportunity to sit for the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) exam held in Minnesota last month? Don’t worry, it’s coming back in March. The fact that 50 percent of certified professionals are promoted within the first six months of earning their certification is reason alone to get certified. But wait there […]