Conference Call Confessions from COVID-19 Communicators

Author: Kim Ramsden, IABC-MN, Communications Director  Communicators are tired. Some of us, especially those working inside global companies, have been working on COVID-19-related communications on top of already busy jobs since February. Each of us is juggling a variety of stresses in these challenging times.  Video conferencing has been a lifeline for businesses during the […]

Why CONVERGENCE Summit Is My Must-Attend Conference

By: Paul Omodt, IABC-MN board member For the past four years, I’ve found one day each year to be particularly valuable to me as a communications professional: IABC Minnesota’s annual CONVERGENCE Summit conference. CONVERGENCE Summit brings together the Midwest’s leading communicators, public relations educators, and communication researchers who eagerly share what is new and fresh […]

5 things to think about before taking a stand

By: Jennifer Hellman, Goff Public, Chief Operating Officer and Principal We live in a world with a highly charged political atmosphere and an increasing desire for companies and their leaders to be authentic and outspoken about their beliefs in real time. Because of this, businesses and brands are spending more time considering when to enter […]

Building Corporate Culture

Some companies are known for being great places to work. Others … just aren’t. So what is it that those great companies have that make potential employees seek them out and current employees happy to go to work each day? The answer: strong corporate culture. The experts at our February panelist discussion demystified the ways […]

Does Engagement Matter?

By Susan Otten In a world where content is king, it is vital for brands to create engaging, exciting content for their target audiences.  This was the message from our well-attended professional development November lunch and learn CREATING ENGAGING CONTENT, that showed us how to build powerful content. Case studies were presented as examples from […]

Masterminds: Veteran Communicators Learn New Tips & Tricks

By Susan Otten The IABC Minnesota Masterminds group tried something new for our October meeting; we went on a “field trip!” Rob Litt, Director of Corporate Communications at General Mills Headquarters in Golden Valley, hosted the group. We had a record crowd of 11 attendees, including a number of first timers who were intrigued by the […]

How to Launch an App to Help Your Clients

App Launch Communications

Communications Key for Development and Launch of Mobile App By Susan Otten When I’m not having fun supporting Minnesota professional communicators as President of IABC Minnesota, my day job (as I like to call it) is COO of VITAL WorkLife. As a national behavioral health consulting company, we’re in the business of improving the well […]

Better Political Communication Can Start with Us

Think Twice Before Sharing the Next Slimy Political Post By Susan Otten It doesn’t take much effort these days to know the Election (yes, with a capital “E”) is just around the corner. But if you’re like me, you’ve grown quite weary of the inflammatory, often rude and hateful, and even more often, purposefully misleading […]

How to Improve the Value of Networking

Networking is better with IABC By Susan Otten What an amazing opportunity I have been given to serve communicators in Minnesota. Let’s start with the why, as Simon Sinek says, this is so important to me. After growing up in Minnesota, my career, and that of my husband, moved our family to Chicago, Kansas, Houston and […]

Responding to the Changing Landscape of Health Care

(This post sponsored by the University of St. Thomas) A guest post by Dr. Mike Porter, APR Health care represents one of the most rapidly-changing industries in the world – every month reveals new products, advances in medical research, regulatory changes, and increased costs for insurance. In response to this, a couple of years ago […]