IABC – Minnesota interviewed Melissa Wexler, Vice President of PR Channel Sales, Brandpoint

What is Brandpoint? 

Brandpoint is a content promotion agency located in Hopkins, MN. We work with PR and communications professionals. I lead the division that works with the PR side of the industry. We help these professionals create and distribute articles (like features, infographics, videos, etc.) and earn placements on online news sites like LA Times, NY Daily News and Chicago Tribune. 

What is new at Brandpoint? 

Something we really value about ourselves at Brandpoint is the fact that we continue to evolve and innovate along with our client’s needs. Our newest service that we’re really excited about is the Premium Business MAT Release. With this, we distribute content to top-tier news sites like we always do with the classic Premium MAT Release, but now we also offer Business Section-front placement on some of the biggest newspaper sites. 

How long have you been in your industry?

I have been in business development and client service for 11 years, specifically working within the PR industry for four. Brandpoint has been working in the media industry since 1996, though! 

What are some of the fun challenges you get to solve for clients?

We enjoy working as strategists for our clients, helping them solve communication challenges. This can range from something as simple as guaranteeing placements for pre-existing content with Brandpoint’s standard MAT release distribution to creating and implementing a multimedia content strategy. 

What about your work gets you up in the morning?

Here at work – Our team! We have a stellar group of account executives who work hard and know how to have fun.

What tips do you have for marketing or PR pros?

The last two years have been very challenging, from the pandemic and political unrest to the personal challenges we all face. Those in the PR and marketing profession are some of the hardest working and most resilient people. Just remember to take care of yourself. Take time away to recharge and remember to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. 

Are you hiring right now? 

Yes! Our company is full of in-house writers, designers, project managers, strategists and more and we’re always looking for the next creative teammate to join us. Right now, we’re really excited to be on the lookout for a summer intern for our PR department. Please visit our Careers page to learn more: https://www.brandpoint.com/about-us/careers/

What makes Brandpoint unique? 

When we start a relationship with a new agency or solo practitioner, we truly strive to be partners. We aren’t looking to replace what the marketing communications teams do at these organizations, but we’re here to supplement their work by getting as many eyes on their brand’s content as possible. 

Your roots are in Minnesota – what are some of the coolest local projects you’ve been a part of in the last 30 years?

We love our Minnesota partners! We love working local. But sadly, while we’d love to brag about our local connections, PR pros understand the world of communications and NDAs. One fun thing that we’ve been working on lately is Nature Lake, which is an ecommerce company within the ARAnet business family. We’ve been able to help promote Nature Lake’s environmentally conscious cleaning product line with our content promotion services, as well as test out some new social media amplification options!

Is there a particular client size you specialize in?

We work with all shapes and sizes, from solo practitioners to global agencies. That’s truly one of the joys of working at Brandpoint. Every day is different, and every client challenge is unique. Plus, every communications professional has content creation or distribution needs and KPIs to meet, from the number of placements to clicks. For 25 years, Brandpoint has worked hard to stay relevant and earn its spot as a valuable tool in the marketing and communications toolbox. 

Where can people learn more about Brandpoint? 

We would love to hear from you! Whether you’d prefer to visit our site at www.brandpoint.com and give us a call or follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn) we’re excited to get to know our fellow IABC members.