A special benefit for IABC MN members only, the Mentoring Program takes networking to the next level by fostering unique connections among communications peers.

Different from typical mentoring programs, ours is focused on all types of mentoring, which means it crosses generations and allows you to be the mentor and mentee, regardless of your tenure, experience, or age. You’ll benefit by engaging with colleagues from across the many generations in today’s workplace.

The IABC MN Mentoring Program is an opportunity for members to develop and refine skills, build relationships and participate in professional networking. From communication skills to management skills to new trends and technologies, the potential for growth is endless.

To participate, simply complete and submit this online form that identifies your strengths to share and areas needing a little development. We will match pairs based on shared interests and introduce you. You and your co-mentor take it from there!

Mentoring Program Timing

We will match mentor pairs twice a year to allow for a richer pool of interested participants.  Please submit (or re-submit) your interest form by the following deadlines to participate in that season’s mentor pairings.

Mentoring is a great way to share your knowledge, learn from others and grow as communications professionals!