If you attended Convergence this year, you probably recall Victoria Dew’s closing keynote. She spoke passionately about the role communicators play in shepherding change within their organizations. Not in modest, incremental ways, but as bold agents who enthusiastically assume responsibilities in a new paradigm. Her message resonates now perhaps more than ever, as the pace of change accelerates and pulls more employees into its vortex.

Dan Brady

Change is frightening and produces uncertainty and anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As Dew said, communicators are well-positioned to soften the blows and clear away the clutter. We are in the position to help our colleagues understand what’s expected of them and what they have to gain. She shares some of these thoughts on her blog.

Communicators must heed their organization’s culture when speaking about change and understand what’s at stake for our industry or business model. While there may not be one right way to serve as a humane change agent, there are definitely wrong ways.” The biggest “don’t” is not talking about change. Transparency and clear communication are key. Gartner offers some useful background and advice.

Whichever role you choose, whether it’s an intrepid adventurer through Change-ville or simply a reserved tour guide, I encourage you to do it wholeheartedly, as a service to your colleagues and to yourself.

Dan Brady, U.S. Bank