By Jim Madson

I have been a member of professional associations since I was in college and enjoy the sense of community and the resources that they offer. Seven years ago, a colleague suggested I attend an IABC event. I was impressed by the value of the programming and the stature of the people I met so I quickly became a member. Now, as the Director of Member Engagement, I contact members to discuss their thoughts on current programming, ideas about what should be included in future events and to encourage them to become involved with the chapter.

One comment I hear repeatedly from members is that the reduction of once large in-house communication teams has left them feeling isolated from their peers. As an IABC member, you do not have to feel alone. By using the Member Search on the IABC website you can connect with any member around the world. I have utilized this tool when I have a question about different professional challenges or just feel stumped by an issue. Every time I contact a fellow member, they are more than happy to provide insight that leads me to a solution.

IABC members are more than peers, they can be your friends.

If you are not a current member, consider these reasons to join from our IABC board members.

Community – “By joining IABC, I gained a group of peers who understand my challenges and successes.” – Ellen Vander Linden, VP of Internal Communications

Professional Credibility – “Having IABC on your resume and LinkedIn page appeals to hiring managers and recruiters, and shows a commitment to professional development.” – Michael Walsh, VP of External Communications

Networking – “I enjoy instant connections with like-minded professionals who understand the challenges I face. And they’re a FUN group!” – Susan Otten, President

Peer Communication – “I have developed a network of peers who I can look to for advice when I am tackling the unknown, facing a challenge or need resource recommendations.” – Tammy Nienaber, VP of Sponsorships

Leadership – “IABC membership has expanded my leadership abilities.” – Mark Kretschmar, former President

Expand your professional network by joining IABC today.

If you join in the month of October, the $40 U.S. application fee is waived for new members. All new and renewed memberships receive 10% off international dues. Plus be entered to win one of four $500 Amazon gift cards.