Communication Management Professional Certification

Accreditation ABC

The Global Communication Certification Council’s (GCCC®) new Communication Management Professional (CMP) certification program launched this year. Achieving certification from the GCCC designates that a candidate has professional competence in all these principles: Ethics, Strategy, Analysis, Context, Engagement, Consistency.

While honoring the history and understanding gained from the ABC (Accredited Business Communicator) program, this new series of certifications was developed in keeping with ISO (17024), an international standard for professional certifications. Many ABCs were involved in guiding the vision for this new program and ABC designees continue to be instrumental in its development.

The GCCC based its CMP certification program, including the continuing professional development requirement, on the Global Standard for communication professionals set forth by IABC. Applying that standard enables the GCCC to cross all borders, align with diverse cultures, and effectively serve organizations of all types and sizes.

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