From Andy Gardner, CMP
2021/2022 IABC-MN Chair

As communicators, we’re doing everything we can to help organizations send clear and concise messages in the face of so much uncertainty still – almost two years since the pandemic began. 

Long hours, ambiguous tasks and stress levels soaring through the roof. You could almost compare us to Michelin star chefs. Like them, we are judged by upholding the highest standards of a profession while being under pressure to deliver something worth consuming. Only difference is our audiences don’t consume food, they consume messages.

Join us 

I’ve looked inward into my work kitchen and have had conversations in the IABC community about what other communicators seem to be missing. Three common themes have been: community, professional growth and balance. Finding the right ingredients and tools can be hard in today’s work culture. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our IABC leaders – not only from the Minnesota chapter but also our 88 counterparts across the globe – are here to help get you find what’s missing so you can deliver messages worth consuming.

Find YOUR ingredients and tools

Join our active community 

Join for $349. We invest the $70 chapter fee by offering benefits so you can be active in various ways like having free access to events, treats at connections groups, easier access to speak at a chapter event and membership to our mentorship program – just to name a few benefits.

Grow professionally 

Regardless of career level, you will build new competencies by being an active IABC member. You can volunteer to give back to the profession, understand your professional gaps by taking our free IABC Global Standard assessment and have access to thousands of IABC members to ask questions when facing a work problem. 

Get balanced 

In the IABC Leader world, we’ve been known as the “fun” chapter. Let off steam at one of our networking events at fun local establishments like Hounds and Hops. Have a feel-good day at our wildly popular Gift of Communication event. And make a friend that you don’t have to talk shop with. 

We’re here for you. Yes, sometimes paying for a membership seems like a thing of the past. I can promise you though, that investing money in an IABC membership will help you create a balanced professional life that helps you deliver messages of high standard worth being awarded.

We’re here for you. Let’s deliver excellence together.