By Cory Weaver, vice president, chapter engagement

If you’re reading this, I feel fairly confident making two assumptions about you:

How did I do – 1 for 2? 2 for 2? Hopefully not 0 for 2.

Regardless, I want to share a few lessons learned from this tremendous show that I’m trying to put into practice and encourage you to do the same.

“I shouldn’t bring an umbrella to a brainstorm.”

Besides this being a wildly clever line, it couldn’t ring more true. The #1 rule of any creative brainstorm should be that everyone gets soaked. When we put up our umbrella, either to protect our own ideas or repel someone else’s, we end up with a one-sided result. I used to think it made me look bad if my idea wasn’t the winner, but I’ve come to realize building on someone else’s idea is where our brains can truly come together for a greater result. It’s a brainstorm – get wet! 

“I do love a locker room. It smells like potential.”

While I wouldn’t say I love locker rooms as much as Ted, I’m making a conscious effort to try and build up others more, just as he does. I used to think giving kudos or showing outward appreciation for colleagues felt weird as someone without 20+ years of experience. But Ted is a prime example of how you can see the potential in others and help them grow, even when you are not the expert. And remember, everyone on the team has value to add, even the rookies. Whether it’s an email, snail mail, virtual or in-person shoutout, we can all do a better job at encouraging others and helping them see the potential they otherwise may not.

“You could fill two internets with what I don’t know about football.”

This one may be my favorite and most applicable quote in the entire show. How refreshing is it to see a leader so openly acknowledge what they don’t know? I sometimes feel like I have to be the expert for my clients and have all the answers. But the reality is, the best leaders surround themselves with even smarter people so they don’t need to know it all. It’s ok to say “I honestly don’t know.”

How does all of this connect to IABC?

Our Minnesota chapter is filled with like-minded professionals who are looking to expand their skills, learn from others and build community, just like Ted Lasso. Plus, you can even connect with others across the pond and around the world!

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