By Sarah Matsumoto

While preparing to take on the role of IABC Minnesota president this year, I met with a number of members, past presidents, prospective volunteers and board members, and it’s clear to me that the number one reason why people join and get involved with IABC is the people. I believe our organization is made up of some of the most kind and intelligent people who work in communications in the Twin Cities.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota seven years ago, I joined IABC because my supervisor at the time said I had to join a professional organization to get the most out of my career. I attended events hosted by a number of different organizations, and, while every group had its pros, it’s the people I met at those events who ultimately swayed me to join IABC.

The day I joined IABC, I registered for a couple of events and agreed to take on all three volunteer positions listed on the website. It was the best decision of my professional career!

This year, I’m so excited to get the opportunity to serve the chapter with a fantastic board of some extremely talented people: Tammy Nienaber, president elect; Susan Otten, ABC, past president; Paul Omodt, VP finance; Camie Melton Hanily, secretary; Cecelia Hubbartt, VP events; Mike Walsh, ABC, APR, VP external communications; Ellen Vander Linden, VP internal communications; Andy Gardner, VP digital strategy; and Cathryn Baker, VP membership.

It’s these people and our members who will make this year a success!

Throughout the next year, I will do everything I can to make sure members value their experience with IABC as much I have in the past seven years. Our events calendar is already full of great events, and we’re dedicated to delivering compelling content on the IABC blog each month.

Please feel free to reach out if you like – or dislike – the events we’re planning, have an idea for a blog post or just want to get coffee to talk about anything. I’m excited for what is sure to be a great year!