Last month, the Minnesota board launched our initiative to ensure members get the most out of their membership and ‘find your possible.’ After all, we are a voluntary membership organization made up of fellow professionals looking to make the most of what we do and how we do it.

I am happy to report members are finding their possible, possible. They are taking us up on our offer to get the most of being a member.

One of our young professionals called me to ask about learning about a specific internal communication system he was eager to learn more about and ‘team IABC MN’ was able to make this possible. Another member sent a note asking about finding a mentor, and, as luck would have it, IABC MN’s mentor program was there with a match. Finding your possible is indeed possible – all you have to do is ask. I have found IABC members are incredibly generous with their time, talent and ability to raise everybody’s game to new levels.

As we enter the final months of this calendar year, I hope to hear from more members looking to connect, discover and grow. Let’s continue to find our possible together. Our Oktoberfest networking event will feature our friends from Minnesota PSRA, NIRI Twin Cities, MIMA and Marketer’s Community on October 13 at Insight Brewing. On November 16, we will be hosting a virtual panel discussion on Today’s Employer Brand. Our December Member Mingle always brings out our jolliest crew, and we are just finalizing the details for this celebratory end-of-year gathering. Our monthly chapter events are free to members and available to guests for a reasonable fee. Please register if you plan on attending!

Looking even further out, the IABC MN chapter has negotiated the most affordable rate for members to attend the international conference in Toronto, June 4-7, 2023. For under $1,000 in registration, you can learn from the best and brightest from around the world, unleashing the full potential and power of a global network for you. If you are interested in the international conference, please contact me at, and I will get you our special rate.

As IABC MN chapter leaders, we remain confident something absolutely amazing, simply spectacular, utterly fantastic, and totally possibly is in your future.