Here’s one thing we can all agree on: Building community isn’t always easy, even at work and especially during a global pandemic. 

For young communications professionals, traditional networking opportunities often miss the mark. You know the feeling of walking into a cocktail hour or post-conference gathering and everyone appears to be a seasoned pro? Sometimes those common jitters keep us from broadening our network. At IABC Minnesota, we’re taking a fresh approach with the Young Professionals Connection Group

Our goals are simple – provide a place where anyone with less than 10 years of experience can find:

∙       Support and community for job searching and career advancement

∙       Mentorship opportunities

∙       Professional and career advice from peers

The Young Professionals Connection Group is sponsored by IABC-MN but membership is not required. Group members help shape the activities and conversations to fit their needs. New members are always welcome. 

Currently, we meet virtually (8-9 a.m. CT, second Tuesday of the month), and we hope to gather in person later down the line. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Young Professionals Connection Group, contact Ellie Bonin or Cory Weaver