Think Twice Before Sharing the Next Slimy Political Post

Political Power Can Be Yours
Photo Credit: Political Carnival

By Susan Otten

It doesn’t take much effort these days to know the Election (yes, with a capital “E”) is just around the corner. But if you’re like me, you’ve grown quite weary of the inflammatory, often rude and hateful, and even more often, purposefully misleading communications.

Rather than take a duck-and-run approach, learn how you can Take the power away from unethical and unseemly political messages by reading my article in MinnPost. As professional communications, we really can make a dent in the political landscape this year. If not on a state or national level, our voice can be heard in the circle of our friends, families and colleagues. And isn’t this really the network that matters?

My article’s introductory paragraphs are below:

They do it because “it works.”

“It” being inflammatory, often rude and hateful, even more often purposefully misleading communication. “They” being politicians. We’ve all been complaining about the tone of political ads and messages forever, yet astonishingly it seems to only have gotten worse with this election cycle.

This is not a rant against one political party or candidate. Both Democrats and Republicans have proven they are capable of exploring the depths of how far they can descend in terms of alarming, revolting and otherwise debasing the American population with their messages.  Read More

Susan Otten, ABC, MBA

IABC Minnesota President and Masterminds Leader

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