By Camie Melton Hanily, president, IABC-MN

I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution. I’m not opposed to them. I just don’t want to say I’m committing to something unless I’m really serious about it, and—at least for me—the busy holiday season is not the ideal time for self reflection and making a solid 12-month goal.

My new thinking is late summer, early fall is the PERFECT time to resolve to solve something. Maybe the same is true for you.

Our long, warm days…nights grilling out…and the fresh vacation memories that often come along with summer put many of us in a positive (and dare I say somewhat relaxed) state. What better time to reflect on the year ahead and commit to achieving something great!

I’m making a fall resolution based on my work as president of the International Association of Business Communicators, (IABC) Minnesota chapter. Here’s what I want to do: I resolve to advance the communications industry and the people in it.

As communicators, we do big work like reputation management, internal and external engagement, executive communication, crisis management and much more in organizations around the world.

IABC provides the professional development and networking opportunities that ensure those key professionals can add the greatest value in their roles—benefiting the organization they work for as well as that professional’s career.

Our upcoming Masterminds collaboration events and Sept 12 session on Illuminating Your Brand are two good examples!

My talented IABC-MN board of directors will continue our long tradition of being that top-notch professional resource. And, this year, we’re going to be even more innovative in our approach and find new ways to get the attention of communicators who we might not have met before.

We’d love to have you join us—as a member, volunteer or sponsor.

That’s my resolution. What about yours?

What are YOU going to resolve to solve (or learn or achieve) as we head into the 2019-2020 year?  Share on your social media accounts and use #IABCMN. In the next “The Buzz” newsletter, we will share some of the ways you are resolving to solve.