By: Rose McKinney, Founder & CEO, Pineapple RM

Long before personal branding was recognized as a career necessity, I had a few experiences that prompted me to think about how I presented myself – in front of clients, in working with colleagues, in job searches, in performance reviews, in new business pitches. In everything, and it was illuminating.

I started to see parallels between the mar-comm work I did for my employers and clients with the work I needed to do for my own success. It all focused on defining and demonstrating a clear brand message … for me.

What I discovered was invaluable. It wasn’t all about monetary success or accolades. It was really more about authenticity and the fulfillment that came with that. It also created greater self-confidence. As a result, I’ve been blessed with opportunities that are a near-perfect fit for my talents and interests.

What’s more, it’s wisdom I’m passionate to share with others. Without a doubt, your personal brand is the most valuable and the longest-term brand responsibility that you’ll ever have. But do you give it the same time, attention and strategy that you give to your employer’s or clients’ brands?

At the upcoming IABC Minnesota event: Illuminate Your Personal Brand on Thursday, September 12, I’ll share the three most important steps you can take to build your personal brand.