– Paul Omodt, Chapter President

As “member month” comes to a close, I hope many of you took the opportunity to renew at IABC International’s discounted rates (20% off the International dues portion) here in October. But, more importantly, I am hopeful you continue to find – and ask for – value in your membership.

I’ve been an IABC member for nearly 30 years now. You may ask, why be an IABC member?

Simple. I am an IABC member because I get great value from my membership, and I’ve learned over the years to ask for all the things my membership can bring – and the best part of all, every time I have asked for something from IABC, I have gotten it.

When I started my career, I was the only public relations/communications person in the office. I had no one to bounce ideas off of, get guidance from, or just talk shop. So, I looked around and joined not just IABC, but also PRSA (and am still also a PRSA member). I soon found an instance network of professionals eager to share, teach and commiserate with.

As my career progressed, I was looking to expand on my education and found IABC’s accreditation program, was able to attend World Conference, and was introduced to the world of awards judging. With awards judging, I was both able to give back to others in the profession, but also see the best work others were doing from around the world. Between educational opportunities and awards judging, I was able to keep current with the latest ideas and strategies and, in turn, I was able to translate my increased skills into more interesting and effective work, pay raises, promotions, and – dare I say it – a career.

In these past few years, I got more involved in IABC at the chapter, region, national and international levels. It has given me the ability to attend Leadership Institute, meet more amazing communicators from around the world, and feel like I could give a bit more back to IABC. Today, as IABC Minnesota president, I can look back and think ‘I asked for a lot from IABC, got a ton back from IABC, and am ready to help others get everything they need from IABC.’

A few months ago, the IABC Minnesota board started the ‘Find Your Possible’ campaign. If your mailing address was listed in our database, you got a mailing where the board and chapter leadership asked what we can do for you to find your possible. We want to ensure you find the value in your membership and that you know that if you ask the board for those things IABC can deliver to you, you get them.

Today, as member month closes out, our members and driving member value are at the center of everything we do. Let us know how we can ensure you get the value you want, and you find your possible with IABC.