A guest post by Caitlin McArthur, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Celarity 

Industry trends are changing rapidly right before our eyes. It’s difficult to predict how soon the economy will bounce back to its pre-pandemic levels or what new trends or markets will emerge in the next few years. Building new skillsets and maintaining professional networks are key strengths that will continue despite uncertainty. At Celarity, we want to ensure that we are providing beneficial resources to hiring managers and talent during this time. Using our knowledge from the last 27+ years we’ve created Ultimate Guides to help make the job searching & hiring process easier.

Use our Ultimate Job Search Guide when looking for jobs

The job-hunting process can leave individuals feeling stressed; especially with all the upheaval in the world we live in today. We have created an Ultimate Job Search Guide that gives job seekers the leverage that they need to be successful during the job searching process.

We have divided the guide into five sections: Passive Job Hunting, Job Hunting, Working with a Staffing or Recruiting Agency, Interviewing, Accepting Job Offers & Handling Rejection. Each section offers a simplified summary along with beneficial bullet points. It also includes our top articles related to that topic.

Make quality hiring decisions using our Ultimate Hiring Guide

We understand that the hiring process can feel a little overwhelming at times; especially when it comes down to making important decisions for your organization. Our Ultimate Hiring Guide helps people managers with a proven process to make quality hiring decisions faster.

The Ultimate Hiring Guide is made up of eight sections: Creating a Strategy for Hiring, Writing Job Descriptions, How to find a Job’s Salary, Attracting Top talent, Interviewing Candidates, Choosing the Right Candidate, Closing the Offer, Retaining your Talent. Similar to the Job Search Guide, each category offers a simplified summary, highlighted bullet points, and articles related to that section’s topic. We have made it easy to navigate and find information that is most important to the reader.

A Message from Celarity

During this difficult time in our world today, we’d like to extend a virtual hug to you all; our clients, our talent, and local communities. We can get through this by working together for the good of all. Take good care of yourselves, stay informed, stay safe, be kind. We are here for you!

Celarity is a Silver Sponsor of the virtual Convergence Summit 2020 on August 13.